August 3–8, 2007
Dayton, OH

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PC 2007 Commentary: Round 30

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This round's annotated game featured: Jerry Lerman vs. Joey Mallick.

Round 30

Katya Lezin (Charlotte, NC) got paired with her son, Noah Lieberman (Charlotte, NC) this round. Before I got over to get a photo, I heard from the division leader that during one of their challenges, Katya actually hit Noah with a mocking blow on his shoulder. When I get there, Noah has just won, and resoundingly so, 415-290. Not only did he win, but he stuck her with an unplayable bingo: BeHEADs (among others). She tried to hook it onto HON, creating SHON*, but Noah challenged it off. At the next table, Brett Constantine (Exeter, NH) said, "They got some exercise this game!" I guess they went to the challenge machine a fair amount!

Robert Fenske (San Antonio, TX) lost to Andrew Friedrich (Aurora, CO), 290-415. He said, "I got a thumping!" These kids, they are so good! Andrew played NOTARIES and pATcHES for 85. Robert got down TAXI for 48, his best play.

What do you think is an anagram of EEODNRS plus a T? Or for that matter, EEODNRS plus an I? In a game this round against Ted Rosen (Rochester, NY), Joel Sherman (Bronx, NY) was ready to play a legitimate bingo, but before he did that he played from the T, TEDROSEN, and as he pretended to reach the timer, said "have you ever had to challenge yourself before, Ted?" Before he hit the timer, he readjusted the tiles and put down INDORSEE. Fun.

On a Andrew Gaertner (Glenwood City, WI) vs. Richard Lauder (Madison, WI) board, I see Andrew's AEROBIA for 66 and RATANIES for 74. Richard played REPAINTs for 80, ROACHES for 82, and HAIRNETS for a 140-point triple-triple.

Robert Crowe (Fort Wayne, IN) slid me a note about this round. It says, "Mark Edelson (Toronto ON) played NEEDIER for 68, DICTIeST for 80 from the D, and MATURAtE for 149 points" Final score, 532-350, I assume in Mark's favor!

Joan Mocine (Oakland, CA) tells me that her origial art T-shirts are selling well. She hopes to begin selling some in the UK!

At the final game at board 1 in div 4, I see Kelly McKenzie (Newport, KY) and Mark Garrod (East Lansing, MI) away from their in-progress game. They were at the Zyzzyva machine challenging ADENItIS. In this, their second matchup this event, Mark won, 462-309. Mark explains that Kelly had to challenge his bingo. He was so far behind at that point, he had to hope it wasn't good so he could stand a chance of getting back into the game.

It jumped out at me: MISTREaTINg on a Frank Tangredi (West Babylon, NY) vs. Cesar Del Solar (Pasadena, CA) board. The play went to triple from MIST that was already on the board.

Chad Hopper (Austin, TX) defeeated Michael Wolfberg (Westford, MA) this round to win div 3. He will be Gibsonized for round 31.

Terry Kang Rau (Newington, CT) brings me over to a completed game against Phyllis Prather (Cincinnati, OH). In the endgame, Terry overdrew by 1. She held IRASCIE? and Phyllis turned over RS? to contemplate the two that Terry would keep. No surprise, the blank went back into the bag. Had Terry not done this overdraw, she would have had any of a number of bingos with the A (the first tile she drew) and won the game. Due to being low on time, she ended 00:00 on her timer, Terry had to move fast and it ended up being a win for Phyllis, 384-353.

It might help to see the photos this round, but in a game against Wayne Clifford (Calgary AB), Bradley Whitmarsh (Attleboro, MA) made a very nice play of SILL, playing through the S, creating SAXES, EDL and DARINGLY for 35 points. It was a wonderful find and helped lead to Bradely's win, 352-293.

In div 3, at table 3, Carlene Wallis (Sparks, NV) defeated Ryan Fischer (Charlotte, NC), 458-334. I see OUTnOTED, ROTARIES, and TZIGANeS on their board. In the endgame, one of them held an unplayable WAPITIS on a rack!

I see a close game betwen Michael Early (Fort Worth, TX) and Sammy Okosagah (Baltimore, MD). Just a brief glace: Mike's CITHARA and Sammy's eVICTORS. Mike's win, 431-428.

Two divisions have winners: Divs 3 and 5, and three more to go!