August 3–8, 2007
Dayton, OH

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PC 2007 Commentary: Award Ceremony

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Awards Ceremony

We gathered for Award's Ceremony at 1:30ish. Mary Rhoades and the five directors gathered at the stage and sat on either side of the podium. Mary took to the microphone and explained how the prizes would be distributed. Since so many prizes were donated and since we didn't have categories for these prizes, we just went down the list, presenting prizes to players out of the money. As names were called, players out of they money who weren't given an assigned prize, were asked to take a number out of a container and get the prize associated with that number. Mary spent two evenings during the event, numbering these prizes so we had a way to distribute them. Those in the money were presented with checks made out of them between round 31 and the ceremony (now that is quick!). Chris Cree (Dallas, TX) stayed at floor level to help Dee Segrest and Kate Watson hand out the prizes and pose for photographs with prizewinners.

The first division was 5, directed by Carol Ravichandran. To save from a mass of redundancy--Carol read through 30 prizes-- check out a list of all the div 5 prizewinners by clicking here.

Next up was div 4 director, John Robertson. He read through 28 prizewinners and all of them can be seen by clicking here.

Div 3 director, Matt Hopkins, handed out 31 prizes and all of them can be seen by clicking here.

Judy Newhouse, took to the stage to deliver the div 2 prizes. Initially, she used an old list, but after a couple of names, we got a copy of the right list and restarted the process. Judy had the largest division, so she handed out 33 prizes. To see them, click here.

Last up was Bryan Pepper, the div 1 director. Since Chris Cree (Dallas, TX) played in that division, he came in 12th place and awarded himself a prize from the random number table, a cloth OWL cover. Brian called out 30 names and the complete list can be seen by clicking here. The audience stood and applauded when Jerry Lerman (Foster City, CA) was called up to get his check. When James Leong (Vancouver BC) was called up, the audience thundered with applause. He took the beautiful championship board, created by Kelly Smith and awarded to the winner of each division, and check and asked for the microphone. It was handed down to him and he thanked everyone for helping him get to the event, he thanked Chris for holding it (and we gave Chris a huge applause) and thanked Mary for understanding and supporting him. When he was done, the masses crowded in to hug and congratulate the 2007 Players Championship Champion.

See you at the next Major!